Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Life and Projects Update

These days, Jadon and I enjoy daily walks around our neighborhood, (sometimes twice a day!). We often stop at the neighborhood playground where Jadon loves to swing on the swings. On nice evenings, I spread a blanket out on the front lawn of our apartment building. We sit there together while Jadon watches the birds fly by with wide-eyed wonder. I love watching his facial expressions when he wanders off the blanket onto the prickly grass. He's so fun to interact with as he becomes more and more vocal and expressive.

I'm also busy with projects, as always. I have several new projects underway, but I'm also working on a couple of old-timers. Here's a quick look back at several posts updates from the past:

So many hours put in already...and so many more to go.
Last December, I started a Christmas quilt that I hoped would be finished before the holiday. Ha! That was an ambitious goal! I'm currently only ten "blocks" in. It takes me about an hour to make one "block." Those little triangles take forever to piece together! I'm still loving the overall design, so I really hope its ready for this Christmas (but at the rate I'm going, this one could take years!)

Homemade blueberry fruit snacks!
I've used my homemade fruit snacks recipe for so many occasions, including road trips, church fellowship meals, and bible study munchies. I continue to experiment with different flavors, and I have a new favorite: blueberry!

I decided to use one of my old candle jars for another glass etching project. This new sea salt container is perfect for table use. I just set out a small spoon to scoop out the salt.

I've also started making diaper covers. Jadon currently rotates through a completely homemade diaper stash,  as he's outgrown all my store-bought covers. I've even started making them for friends. The picture above is a size small that a friend ordered. It's adjustable, fitting babies weighing between 8 and 22 pounds. Jadon fits this diaper on the largest setting at around 22 pounds. I'm so glad I bought my snaps pliers because I'm loving the snaps closures!

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