Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pinterest Project: "Ratatouille" Quote Onesie

If you spend any amount of time on Pinterest, you're bound to see a "do-it-yourself" onesie scroll across your screen eventually. I've been saving a few plain white onesies to make into gifts when the right idea and momma-to-be came along. That time has come, my friends.

So cute! Too bad they'll all get covered in spit-up and poop before long.
I have a good friend due in June with her second baby. Since she's a "real food" junkie, I thought making her a onesie along the theme of raw, whole, local food would put a smile on her face.

I almost made my own version of this onsie, until I found my "Ratatouille" quote.
When I happened upon a darling quote from the movie "Ratatouille," I knew I had found the inspiration I needed.

I wanted to use a variety of cool fonts to write the quote, so I was back to Pinterest for some ideas.

I really liked the simplicity of the designs above, especially because they are so easy to read. I also was attracted to the clean, horizontal lines that broke up the space so nicely.

So, I started playing around with fonts on my computer.

Once I settled on my design, I printed it out and placed it inside the white onesie. I used a permanent fabric pen to carefully trace the letters. I'm really glad I didn't attempt fabric paints because it was hard enough to make the letters clear with a pen. I ended up doing a "dot" technique instead of drawing lines. The fabric tends to bunch up as you put on enough pressure to drag and write.

That's right, baby! Eat the good stuff!
This particular fabric pen requires a "heat set" in order to make the design permanent. When I finished "dotting," I ran the onesie under the iron, and then stepped back to admire my work. I think my friend will love it.

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  1. You are correct, I love it. I have a few quirky onesies so far, but this one is by far my favorite!!!