Friday, January 4, 2013

A Crocheted Christmas

Since I seem to be addicted to my crochet needle these days, many of my Christmas gifts this year were crocheted hats.

Last fall, a friend of mine ordered two hats for her children, sending me pictures from Pinterest to imitate. I delivered them to her just before Christmas when we got together for a visit.

From Pinterest board to...a cute bear hood modeled by my son Jadon!
From Pinterest board to...a darling "newsboys" cap for my friend's baby boy!
 I looked for gift ideas for my brothers for weeks. It's so hard to come up with homemade gifts for guys! As soon as I saw some "Angry Birds" hats on Pinterest, my search was over.  

Above, my inspiration...below, my brothers!
My husband and I just got back from visiting his extended family in Virginia for the holidays. It took over 19 hours in a rental car to get there. When I wasn't entertaining my almost-four-month-old, I passed the time finishing presents for the girl cousins and my sister-in-law. I fell in love with these wide flowered headbands on Pinterest... I made my own version for the girls!

Wide multicolored headband, modeled by me!
My husband was able to find books for all but one of the uncles and guy cousins. Since his extended family originated in Pittsburg, they are all Stealers fans. Naturally, I crocheted a hat of Stealers colors for the last cousin:

What a merry crocheted Christmas it was this year!

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