Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crocheted Hats Galore!

I've found myself in the middle of a hat-crocheting marathon.

It all started in early October. A friend invited me to sell some baby hats at a craft booth that she and her mom manage every year. They were looking to expand their inventory and knew that I'm rather crafty. Since I discovered that I could nurse Jadon and crochet at the same time, I cranked out about a hat a day and handed them over to my friend to sell at her booth. Here's a sample of the hats, all with multi-colored yarn:

Then a different friend (who had received a pink hat from me at her baby shower) told me that a woman she knows wanted to buy a similar hat from me for her baby, but in blue. Here's the result:

After I finished this hat, it was sitting on my desk during a third friend's visit to my apartment. She oohed and ahhed over it, and asked if she could buy hats for her two daughters. She wanted one to match a pink coat and one to match a purple coat. I soon finished them:

This week yet another friend said that she wanted to purchase a "dragon" hat for her daughter. I did a quick google search and found this inspiration:

By this time, my little Jadon was getting bigger fast, and I couldn't crochet and nurse as easily. But I found another way to multitask: babywearing and crocheting!

When he gets fussy, I throw him in my wrap, tuck a ball of yarn behind his back, and start pacing and bouncing around the room. Puts him to sleep every time. For this hat, I decided to ditch the ear flaps and tie and came up with this:

                                           (front)                                                      (back)

I still have two other friends expecting babies in a few months who also want hats! I'm having the time of my life with this creative outlet. Any other requests for a crocheted hat? I make the little flowered ones for $15, and custom hats for $25. Pretty much anything you see in a store or on Etsy I can imitate.

Bring it on!