Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Applique Bird Quilt

Time with newborn Jadon is passing quickly by, and you probably aren't surprised that I haven't been working on any new projects lately. Here's a quick "show and tell" of something I finished earlier this summer.

Last summer, I was shopping at a thrift store and found a Paula Dean "Coupon Organizer" with a darling bird design on the front. I bought it because I loved the combination of colors and textures. I simply had to use it as a model for a project. But what?

So cute!
Over the course of last school year, the project slowly took form. I decided to make a baby quilt with an applique bird design on it. Not knowing at the time that I would be creating a blog, I didn't take any "during" photos for a tutorial. But now that I finally finished it (after nearly a year of off-and-on work!), I want to share the final product.


I'm especially happy that I was able to use up so many scraps from my fabric stash. I cut all the big squares for the front first, saving the one bigger rectangle piece for the center back of the quilt. Then pieces that weren't big enough for the front were cut into little rectangles for the border on the back. I just kept cutting leaves until I ran out of fabric, and then decided how I would arrange them. I love the feeling that comes from being resourceful.

I thought I could save this for a baby girl gift in the future, but I love it too much to part with it. Maybe for my own daughter someday? Funny that I'm already thinking of future kids when I have my nine day old son nestled in my arms!

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  1. Cherie Freding KruegerSeptember 11, 2012 at 2:16 PM

    You did a beautiful job, Alison, and who can predict? Perhaps Jadon will turn out to love birds or home-made quilts! If nothing else it would make a lovely wall hanging.

    Love, Aunt Cherie