Friday, September 27, 2013

Natural Mama Outpost Etsy Shop Debut!

So, the Natural Mama Outpost Etsy shop is finally up and running! You can visit us by clicking on our logo below!

"Lovingly Handmade in Wisconsin"
Tonight we celebrate our grand opening by participating in the Bayview Gallery Night, just south of Milwaukee. If you're local, come see our booth at Puddler's Hall! Click on the picture below for more info.

This new business could not have started without the help and support of a lot of people. So, some thanks are in order!

The biggest thanks goes out to my husband, Jon, for all the moral support (and constant nudges!) to make me actually make this idea a reality! Oh, and thanks for making the posts for our booth!
Thanks to my brother-in-law, Nate, for all the hard work you did on our logo (and for letting me borrow your fancy camera for my Etsy photos!).
Thank you, Alison, for being an awesome business partner. I don't think I would have ever taken the plunge so happily without a buddy at my side. I'm so excited about our plans for the future!
Thanks, Joyce, for the business savvy advice to help us get started!
And thank you to all my friends that ordered products from me in the past few months, giving me valuable practice and feedback.

Stay tuned for new products in the coming weeks!

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